Compliance Manager™

The Compliance Manager™ is a web-based tool to assist pipeline companies with the management of regulatory and compliance responsibilities for public awareness. The Compliance Managerô allows you to construct a schedule or plan for the delivery of public awareness messages to specific audiences, and then manage and track the communication events that fulfill that schedule.


All Pipeline Operators have created a Public Awareness Plan in compliance with RP 1162. You simply enter the requirements of that plan into the Compliance Manager™. "Program Schedules" define certain tasks or events that must occur over some specified timeframe. "Events" are tasks that are performed that communicate some message to some audience.

As Public Awareness activities occur, they are documented in the Compliance Manager™. Each activity is assigned to the appropriate requirement of the defined plan. Plan managers are notified as requirements come due or are past the scheduled requirement completion date.

  • Define & track messages to be communicated as part of a public awareness plan
  • Define messages by zip code, city, county, marketing area, carrier route, school districts, company boundaries...virtually any custom geography
  • Manage communication by audience type, frequency and languages
  • Track baseline and supplemental message communication
  • Provides geographic representation of public awareness efforts
  • View message communication on a map in relation to relevant information such as company assets and facilities, pipeline centerlines, buffer zones, etc.
  • Store documents & media related to public awareness communications accessible from any location
  • Get notification of upcoming public awareness messages that are "due" & must be communicated
  • Use sophisticated audit reporting tools


For more information or a demonstration of the Compliance Manager™, contact Celeritas at 913-491-9000, or email us at