Underground Damage Prevention Solutions

Celeritas currently has three offerings in the underground damage prevention arena...

Ticket Manager™

The Ticket Manager™ was designed with underground damage prevention in mind. It is a simple but powerful hosted web-based solution for tracking and managing your dig ticket information. It allows you to do your own ticket research and analysis while managing the entire ticket locate process visually using maps.

For details and screen shots, see the Ticket Manager™ page

TM Express™

TM Express™ provides streamlined access to Ticket Management when the broader, analytical tools of the Ticket Manager™ are not required.

For details and screen shots, see the Ticket Manager™ page

Campaign Awareness Manager™

The Campaign Awareness Manager™ was specifically designed for individual companies, associations, One Call centers and their member companies as a powerful, web-based tool for creating, viewing, mapping and managing all your damage prevention-related activities: advertising and marketing campaigns; radio, television, magazines, training events, etc.

For details and screen shots, see the Campaign Awareness Manager™ page

For more information about our underground damage prevention products, email us at Products@Celeritas.com