Emergency Response Portal™

Are Emergency Response agencies aware of the details of your Energy Response Plan?

Does your organization have an efficient cost effective way to manage and disseminate your plan documents?

Many operators are turning to Celeritas' Emergency Response Portal™. Using this web-based tool, Response plans can be quickly and easily distributed by any operator.

  • Comply with the recent advisories from PHMSA & NTSB (bulletin PHMSA-2010-0307)
  • Publish your Emergency Response Plans in a secure web portal—simply provide us your plans & any relevant operating areas
  • Identify relevant responders & officials that will need knowledge of your plan
  • Disseminate information to responders: operating pressure, commodity, diameter, etc.
  • Illustrate pipeline assets on a map for easy identification by relevant emergency responders
  • Include instructional video or media along with response plans
  • Plan distribution is tracked & plan access 'auto documented' on operator's behalf
  • Summary Reports are available for use in audits