Excavator Notification System™

The Excavator Notification System™ (ENS) is the newest Public Awareness software innovation from Celeritas.

ENS is the next step to enhance your Public Awareness Program to Excavators. ENS is the first solution of its kind to integration Damage Prevention and Public Awareness. You can now enhance your RP 1162 Excavator communication beyond the Excavator's office location. ENS allows for communication with the Excavator based on the location of excavation activities in relation to your asset!

ENS will monitor excavator activity in real-time and determine when a "new" Excavator has been encountered. New Excavators are added to the operator's public awareness stakeholder dataset, and then sent a timely, relevant RP 1162 message. The messaging will re-occur with the Excavator based on the frequency of the Excavator's digging.

Add Continuous Improvement to your Excavator Outreach!

  • Enhanced (Supplemental) RP 1162 collaborative messages to the Excavator
    • Electronic delivery of message
    • Message branded for Operator
    • Alternate different messages to the Excavator
  • Message delivered when most relevant to the Excavator at the time activity occurs
  • Multiple "touch points" throughout the year with relevant Excavators
    • Comprehensive reporting on Excavators, messages delivered, frequency & more
  • Excavators & communication activity are tracked in the Public Awareness Manager™
  • Comprehensive reporting on Excavators, messages delivered, frequency & more
  • Integrate any "new" Excavators into the Operator's baseline mailing program
  • Integration with the Public Awareness Manager™ and the Ticket Manager™