Identified Site Registry

The Identified Site Registry is a mapping application designed to be an easy way for Emergency Officials to provide information about "Identified Sites"—locations where many people occupy a small area near a pipeline. This web-based application is used to submit information about any type of site, including buildings or an outside area.

Of particular interest to pipeline companies are unmarked areas where people congregate that are very difficult to identify. These areas include unmarked camping areas; places where people gather to play sports (other than public parks); places where people gather on the weekends or during special events; and other similar unmarked areas where people may congregate.

Information about these areas is very difficult for pipeline companies to obtain without the help of public officials, especially law enforcement officials.

Places occupied by persons of limited mobility are also important to pipeline companies. These may include medical facilities, nursing homes, or any other areas that are difficult to evacuate.


If the areas described above are close to a gas pipeline, they may be classified by pipeline companies as High Consequence Areas (HCAs). Additional pipeline maintenance is required in High Consequence Areas.

For security reasons, the general public is not given access to information stored in the Identified Site Registry.