Public Awareness Contact Management / Documentation Management

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Public Awareness Manager™

The Public Awareness Manager™ was specifically designed for Pipeline companies as a tool to assist in the organization and management of 'regulatory and compliance (API RP1162)' responsibilities. This web-based tool assembles all of your public awareness program information into one easy-to-use system that allows you to more quickly and easily administer your program. Pat(s) Pending.


The Public Awareness Manager™ gives you the ability to:

  • Locate states, counties, zip code areas, cities, addresses, etc. on a map
  • Locate and display information about Audiences/Contacts: Public Officials, Emergency Officials, Excavators, Affected Public, Schools, etc. in relation to pipeline centerlines, buffer zones, etc.
  • Locate Audiences by address, county, company name, contact name, zip code, phone number, SIC-4 code, Journal Entry type
  • Display member company assets on a map: Service Areas, Pipelines, Centerlines, Buffer Zones, Pipeline Segments, Mileposts, Block Valves, etc.

  • Export audience/contact data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Document management: Store, view & print documents (program summary documents, such as direct mail Program Totals, County & State/Audience Type Summary Reports, County, Zip, SIC Summaries) as well as USPS forms, training documentation & sign-in sheets, Capability Surveys, etc., and make documents readily available company wide
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail by tracking correspondence with audiences (email, face-to-face meetings, letters, training invitations & RSVPs, etc.)
  • Link documents and other data (PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, etc.) to audiences/contacts
  • View Survey Summaries and graphs to maximize effectiveness, show continuous improvement
  • Display key pipeline information by turning on or off map layers such as pipeline centerline, buffer zones, streets & highways, postal boundaries, stakeholder audiences, etc.
  • Link database tables dynamically (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.) to feature data on a map
  • Administer system security profiles at an individual, group or data level
  • And more...

PAM Express™

PAM Express™ represents the next generation of compliance management software from Celeritas.

PAM Express™ offers the pipeline operator "express" access to regulatory compliance documentation, with an new, simplified user interface.

Right of Way Customers

  • ROW Communication Reports
  • Stakeholder Listings
  • Brochures, Mail Receipts, etc.
  • BRC Survey Analysis Reporting
  • New Document Search Engine

  • Dynamic Program Coverage Maps with Aerial Photography, including assets, buffers and stakeholders

Liaison Program Customers

  • State-Based Liaison Documentation
  • Meeting Artifacts & Documentation
  • Program Summary Reports (Emergency Officials & Excavators)
  • Dynamic Maps with Aerial Photography

  • Document Search Engine
  • Contact Search
PAMExpress™ provides streamlined access to critical compliance documentation.


In today's regulatory climate operators need the ability to efficiently document activities that they conduct as a part of their normal operations. When documented, these activities help the operator remain current in compliance obligations. FieldForm™ provides a tool for field staff to document activity when it occurs.

For most operators, interaction with stakeholders is already occurring regularly. Recording that interaction will help build a comprehensive record that is audit ready. FieldForm™ reports both summarize activities for a program year and expand on the details of activities that field staff perform.

  • Quickly & easily document "field" liaison activity
  • Allow you to document your events in your public awareness database along with all your other compliance documentation
  • Document activities with Affected Public, Excavators, Emergency Responders or Public Officials
  • Add or update stakeholder contact information with an easy-to-use web form
  • Upload materials (handouts, brochures, spreadsheets, pictures) provided to stakeholder encountered along your right of way
  • Report on field staff interaction with relevant stakeholders for a program year
  • Provide inspectors with what they're looking for in field level liaison activity
  • Data integration with the industry leading Public Awareness Manager™ software

Mobile FieldForm™

Mobile FieldForm™ is accessible via smart phone, and will make the process of documenting routine activities conducted in the field quick and easy. This mobile solution allows users to capture valuable compliance data without pen and paper, without getting into their laptop, and without scanning or postage.