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Ticket Manager™  | TM Express

Ticket Manager™

The Ticket Manager™ is a simple and powerful web-based tool for tracking and managing your dig ticket information. It saves time and improves efficiencies by allowing you to do your own ticket research and analysis while managing the entire ticket locate process visually using a map. Pat(s) Pending.


With the Ticket Manager™, you have the ability to:

  • Research & Review Ticket Data
  • Find Tickets by Number, Contractor, Address, Request Date, Work Date, Status; find outstanding Tickets by Locator or Dispatch Center, find Resolved Tickets by Locator & Dispatch Center, Screen Tickets by Request Date, etc.
  • View Complete Ticket Details

  • Assign One or a Group of Tickets
  • Print Ticket Details
  • View Tickets in Relation to Assets

  • Manage the Locate Ticket Lifecycle

    • Assign Locators to a Locate Ticket
    • Set Ticket Resolution (Mark, Clear, Screen, etc.)

    • Send Positive Notification
    • Email Notification of Tickets
    • View Tickets by Status
    • Link Documents & Images to a Locate Ticket
    • Enter Journal Entries (Notes) Related to a Locate Ticket

  • View Locate Tickets in Relation to Cities, Counties, Zip Code Areas & Dispatch Centers
  • Display Asset Maps: Registered Grids, Pipeline Centerlines, Buffers, HCAs, etc.
  • Integrate Ticket Data With Other Regulatory Compliance Programs

The Overview Map, Excavation Site Map and Ticket Details and Remarks allow you to determine tickets to clear. These views allow you to see the Excavation Site (red) in relation to your Assets (green).

A "Ticket Watch" feature allows a user to track one or more tickets for a period of time. For example, a supervisor could "audit" the Ticket Management process by tracking select tickets via a Watch. Or a ticket may need to be tracked after a mark is performed such as observation during excavation. A Watch would allow the ticket to be quickly referenced during the time period.

The user-customizable Dashboard lets you quickly view and track various types of tickets:

Ticket Manager™ Benefits Include:

  • Fixed Annual Cost: the price stays the same as your tickets increase
  • A Hosted, Web-Based Solution: no additional hardware or software costs
  • Ticket Screening: graphically view all your One Call Tickets in relation to your assets on a dynamic map to assist in the screening process
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of your tickets
  • No Archiving of Tickets: all tickets are online
  • Attach Photos & Other Files: of a locate for reference
  • Accurately View Location on a Map: of your locates and the excavation site supplied by the One Call
  • Integration with other Compliance Programs

TM Express™

TM Express™ gives you streamlined access to Ticket Management when the full verion of Ticket Manager™ is not required.

TM Express™ has a unique set of Ticket Manager™ features that allow companies to perform the following:

  • Advanced mapping capabilities, including aerial/satellite imagery
  • Search for tickets by number, contractor, address, request date, work date, status, etc.
  • Advanced sorting & color coding of search results
  • Manage complete ticket lifecycle, including ticket resolution
  • View all ticket details, excavation site
  • Screen tickets
  • View complete ticket history
  • Attach documents & photographs to tickets