Virtual Scenario Manager™

Scenarios and drills have traditionally proven to be effective means by which emergency officials and first responders may review the details of responding to pipeline emergencies—plus they help to facilitate discussion between the operator, official and other stakeholders. The Virtual Scenario Manager (VSM)™ allows these scenarios to be conducted via the web in addition to the traditional field and classroom exercises


Celeritas has incorporated the Virtual Scenario Manager™ into our own emergency responder liaison programs and now this technology is available to individual operators and agencies. Scenarios that relate to specific operator assets and commodities can be quickly and easily built using a mouse, scenarios that can facilitate discussion with the emergency officials who may respond in the event of an actual emergency.

  • Quickly build custom scenarios by dragging relevant icons onto the map
  • Reach the non-attending emergency responders or agencies of a liaison program
  • Use the Virtual Scenario Manager™ in field supplemental activities with responders
  • Document attendance via an electronic sign-in list for each meeting
  • Advanced mapping features including Operator assets, buffers, aerial imagery
  • Accessible via the web & secured by user authentication
Celeritas can also assist an Operator with services such as scenario development, professional facilitation, course materials and surveys, invitations and the resulting documentation and reporting required for regulatory compliance.